Friday, October 24, 2008

by george, i think she's got it!

I've been fibbing a bit when I've told people that I'm just going to stitch my neighborhood however the Muse dictates. The truth is, I've been chewing away on the idea ever since I joined this fabulous group. I knew I wanted Brightneedle's "Covered Bridge Sampler" somewhere in the design and I've had tons and tons of ideas that incorporate it, but then veer off in very different directions. Finally I noticed that the houses and trees that I was drawn to looked very Maine-ish. And of course I had to have some hint, at least, of the ocean. Hmm. Maine again. So on this very wet, rainy day I have done little other than draw, draw, and draw my neighborhood ... and I think I finally got it. Now this might not look like much to you, but to me .... Well, I think you get the idea. ;)

(Just a little note to myself, as I will surely lose the paper I wrote this on. For 40 ct linen the design is 13.5 x 11.5, for 32 ct it's 16.5 x 14.5, and for 28 ct it's 19 x 11.5.)


karenv said...

Looks interesting so far Barbara! Just out of interest, are you doing that Chessie and Me cat freebie over one on the left there...?

Barbara said...

Yep, that's the one. Gotta have at least one cat in the neighborhood!

Linen Stitcher said...

Speaking from experience, sometimes I wish the planning didn't take so much time away from stitching. On the other hand, isn't it fun to figure out the perfect combination of patterns for a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that's yours alone? Can't wait to see the first installment.

P.S. Glad to see I'm not the only one whose blueprints are on regular old-fashioned graph paper.