Friday, October 24, 2008

Members Please NOTE!

Hello! I hope all of you are still garnering enthusiasm to spare for our wonderful projects that we'll all be starting in just a couple of months!

I just wanted to let you all know that I've deleted the "Contributing Builders" and the themes of the towns on the sidebar - the reason I did this is because Daily now, I've had people deciding that they don't want to participate anymore and I have to dig through and find their name, their town type, etc and delete it all. Lots of work and I want to stitch some too!

SO.....when you post to the blog, please make sure that you SIGN your name (or nickname/handle) so we know whose posting and if you want to direct people to your own personal blog - give that link as well. Please try to remember to label your posts with your name and your town name so that people can find you in the labels section.

Thanks for your understanding and let's all keep up the enthusiasm, as I think it may be leaving some of us! :o)


monique said...

I've got 2 retreats to get through and then I'll be focusing on this... although I've been tempted to start anyway LOL

Thanks for going to all the trouble for us, Vonna!

Marianne said...

Vonna my charts are piling up as I get my seaside village together. Still need to get fabric and I'll be ready.