Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hometown Holiday

Sometimes it is necessary to re-think plans we have made. That is exactly what has happened to me this past week.

When I signed up for this RR I planned to stitch my favorite city in the entire world - San Francisco. My love for San Francisco has not changed but the time available to design my city has so I've decided that I'll keep things a bit simpler.

'Hometown Holiday' is a design I've been wanting to stitch for some time and this is truly the golden opportunity. The town has everything to make me feel right at home - a lovely house to live in, a post office, church, library, bakery and of course a stitching shop. On the pattern it actually shows a toy shop but renovations should be no problem.

I will be stitching from 'A Christmas to Remember' Book 200 Collector's Edition by Stoney Creek. My fabric will be either a 28 ct bluebell jobelan or 32 ct twilight blue linen. I still have to toss my floss to see which will give the prettiest results.

What a relief - I can now look forward the this wonderful RR without design worries. Who knows - perhaps San Francisco in 2010.


Linen Stitcher said...

From where I sit, needlework stores are MY equivalent of a toy store! LOL! Great substitution!

Good luck on your new neighborhood.

Stitchingranny said...

Well I think that is a good substitute if you are short on the time for designing. Also as I think mine will take me 10 years to do I am glad someone is still planning ahead and I might get company for a good while.

Jeanne said...

This will be lovely Margaret. You want this SAL to be enjoyable and not stress over it that's for sure. I have had to rethink mine a bit as well and scale it down or it would be a thousand stitches square!