Sunday, September 7, 2008

I've met with the architects & I surveyed my building site

This week, I met with my team of architects, town council and urban planners, surveyors and construction crew at Joanie's World. We've ironed out some of the details about styles of houses and discussed architect-y things like scale, house placement and size of the town. There wasn't any cast in *stone* decisions made during this meeting, other than (at my insistence, and their resistance) the houses and some of the landscaping will be done right away. The decision on whether to call in a landscape designer will be made AFTER some of the houses are built and I, as town council and mayor of my little town, have assessed the building progress. Since the town will be forever in Autumn, the head architect contacted a color consultant who came up with a scrumptious palette of russets, golds and olives to color the town.

The town council and urban planners also have reservations about the farms that I want in the north 40 of the building site because of (oh Heavens!) the smell and the impact on property values of the homes downwind. Geez, they are HORSE farms for goodness sake, and in my opinion will only add beauty and charm to the neighborhood. Besides, they really don't get a vote do they, as I am the chief potentate of my little world, right?!!!

Anyway, the surveyors assessed the building site which is a quite large (27" x36") piece of neutral ground fabric called Lambswool in a 32 count size. The surveyors aren't quite done surveying the landscape but the construction crew began the lower boundaries of the town. Building commenced on the town border last evening until the builders were falling asleep and had to get some shut-eye. The plan from the chief architect is to build the left boundary and the lower boundary first, then re-survey for the height of the town. There is certainly enough ground for extensive building but the number of buildings will depend on the overall aesthetics. The head architect is in charge of deciding when to install the upper boundary. After that boundary is established, house placement will begin in anticipation of a ground breaking on 12/31/08.

A photo of the building process will be posted tomorrow afternoon because the current site is not far enough along to warrant documenting the progress made late last night. Building will commence this afternoon and into the evening after the construction crews return from church, visit with their spouses and do some work around their own homes! The plan is to continue construction of the lower boundary until the architect in charge of boundaries draws up the mirror image of the items used in the construction of the left side of the town.

Stay tuned for more updates from *Joanie's Little Town*.

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Jeanne said...

Sounds wonderful Joanie! I sure hope you have better luck with this contractor than the one who gave you so much trouble on your own house! :)