Saturday, September 6, 2008

Picking a Blueprint design??

I am Vickie from AR and I have a HUGE question:
How do you pick a blueprint design?? I have already thought of three completely different types of towns/village that I would LOVE to stitch! So how are you needleworking architects picking your designs??? I am just curious....I just can't decide.


Annemarie said...

Well, Vickie, I have the same problem, and I'm sure all of us do. My philosophy is: just pick a favourite theme and build your neighbourhood around that theme. Save the other themes for a next round :o))) I will be doing a Woodlands village now, but in future, I will do a Blackbird Designs neighbourhood, a Prairie Schooler Springtime Village, an old-fashioned sampler neighbourhood... But by that time I may very well be dead. Hm.

Sherry said...

Like you, I had three ideas. I knew I really couldn't go out and purchase a lot of new patterns so I really needed to pick something that most of the patterns could come from my stash. That left the first idea out. The second idea was a Christmas village and although I loved the idea - and probably could have found enough patterns in my stash - I also wanted to be able to have it out more than just Christmas. That's when I settled on my third idea - the Inspirational Village.