Thursday, September 11, 2008

Advice re Floss please

Hello again. I'm still waiting for some charts to arrive. However, in the meantime, I am looking at what I can use from my existing stash. I have a couple of questions regarding floss to use and I would appreciate your advice on this.

First, once you choose your design, how do you choose the floss? What I mean is, should you use the colors recommended by each design, or try to pick colors that suit the whole thing so there's no clashing of colors?

The other question is, generally my chosen designs use 2 strands of floss over 2 threads, but some use 1 strand over 2 threads. So, my question is should I use 2 strands for all the designs, or leave each design to whatever is recommended?

Thank you from the newbie!


mymarkdesigns said...

The use of 1 strand or 2 is more of a personal choice, so if I were you I'd use however many was suitable for your fabric count no matter what the design says :)

For example, I always use 2 strands for 32 ct. because I like my stitches "fat", where some like to use just 1 strand for 32 ct.

Hope that helps a bit :)

Jeanne said...

I agree with the first comment. I always use 2 strands of cotton floss on 28 and 32 ct fabric. I don't like my stitches looking "thin" either. :) Good luck!