Friday, September 12, 2008

Fall Neighborhood

The contractor was here today and he left me some very early blueprints. As you can see in the picture they are as long as my bed! I still need to get the charts that I need but I did bid on a few on ebay. I dont have any of the ones that I am using since I dont have much of a stash. DH is going to kill me. I am going to try 32 count fabric since I know it is going to be HUGE. I have decided to do a table runner so I will be looking for some fall themed material to finish it off. It is a good thing there is not a deadline because who knows if I will ever get this done...LOL. It will be fun though.


karenv said...

I like your tablerunner idea Shannon. I haven't much stash either and need to get a couple of charts, but my neighbourhood is going to be quite small and fortunately I can make use of a few freebies as well :)

Shari said...

can't wait to see the charts you choose Shannon!!! I think an autumn neighborhood is a wonderful choice!!! And I love the tablerunner idea! If you check my blog, you will see I am involved in a neighborhood RR & my piece is a table runner!!!!

Jeanne said...

Wow - good idea Shannon as that would be WAY too expensive to frame! :) I'm making a list of charts too.