Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pattern Maker Screen Shots

Builders Caution~
Please do not download screen shots from "Pattern Maker" to the blog.
I've been cautioned about it since it is basically scanning and reproducing a designer's work and infringes on the illegal activity of "pattern stealing".

I understand that some of you are using pattern maker - and I'm not telling you to stop that, because I know that it is for your own personal use, and you are not sharing with others or downloading it to the internet for others use - or I certainly hope not.

Please respect this copyright infringement and don't download screenshots of Pattern Maker to the blog.

I believe that everyone has made sure to give credit where credit is due, but when you post about your Neighborhoods and plans, please name the designer and chart of the motif(s) you are/have using/used so that we don't get "nailed" for that as well.

My sincerest appreciation, and my deepest apologies for those posts that I had to delete to make us all legal and in good standing of copyright laws. Thank you!


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