Saturday, August 30, 2008

Picked my border

I had plenty of time today to think about what I wanted to stitch on my RR, and I decided, and even purchased the chart on the border. It will have Neighborhood Row from Bent Creek on top and bottom, and both sides will be filled with small ones, referring to my family. Think about musical items (DH) , bunnies and horses (DD) gameboards, computer items (DS) and books, lots of books for all of us. I think I will add Chinese characters (me) and I am sure next months wil be filled with new ideas.

I started to fill in the layout with charts already, but I am sure it will change during the next months. I have to find a chart about a library, and a bookshop. If anyone of you can help? Is there a public library in stitches??? Never seen it, but then, you never now.


Sherry said...

There is a library in the Oct. issue of Cross Country Stitching.

Joke said...

Sherry thanks for helping, but I looked at the site of CCS, went through their magazines, and can't find it ?! Is it oct. 2008 issue?