Saturday, August 30, 2008


Hello Everyone, My best friend introduced me to the idea of creating my own neighborhood. She had already joined and thought it would be good for me to join also. So last night I sent my invitation request to Vonna and was very excited to receive my invitation this morning.
I am so looking forward to this experience as it will be lots for firsts for me. First time blogging, WOW. First time creating my own neighborhood and better yet another opportunity to cross stitch.
At lunch time today, I sketched out my first concecept drawing. I have decided to build my neighborhood blending the areas that bring back memories of my life in the metroplitan DC area. One area will recreate the big white house, with garden, my first dog and big fir trees. The next area incorporates my time in downtown DC, the big water fountain, the Washington Monument, my school, my home. The next area includes the part of town I live in today with my three dogs and one 50 year old parrot. Have lot's of thoughts to put down on paper.


Rob said...

Your neighborhood sounds really interesting! I live in Alexandria VA and work in DC. I am looking forward to watching your neighborhood grow!

Vonna said...

Warm Welcome and that sounds like an awesome neighborhood!