Friday, August 26, 2011

Glad to see people are still visiting

Hi All,

Absentee owner here.  Sorry I've been away for over a year.

How embarrassing!!!

I'm glad to see others are around and still thinking or working on their projects.  I hit the huge disappointment when I found out that the Dept 56 charts were going to be too big for my project that I kind of lost interest for awhile.

But now I'm back on the hunt or a way to use them.

I notice I have some dead links and some missing pictures.  Over the next week I'll get the place cleaned up.

I love this idea and loved all the thoughts that people have put in.  Please read through the early posts.

Please post only if its to say hi.



cucki said...

hello, its me cucki..i love this blog so much..i so much wanted to be a part of this group too..sound so much fun..hope you have a lovely weekend my dear..hugs cucki xx
my blog is

Keli said...

Hi cucki, Sorry I've been gone. I do see that you have left other comments. I'm out of practice on running the blog. As soon as I figure out how to add people, I'll get you added. I know I can have up to 100 and I know I have some space left. Thanks again for being interested.


cucki said...

hello dear keli, so lovely to hear from you..i will be so happy to be a part of this the meantime i will dig in my stash what i am going to stitch for this sal with you all..or you also give me some advice..
a happy bunny here
thank you
love xx

Doris said...

hello!! the summer is a hard time to stitch..but now, the weather is cold..we can stitch again!..