Friday, November 7, 2008

planning permission

Well no photos at mo.. i am afraid i have been caught up finishing christmas pressies off but plan next weekend to sort all my patterns out and draw an outline of how my town is going to fit together.. I am planning to stitch a table cloth so it may take a few years with everything else that i most of my charts have come from little house of needleworks.. and i will be doing as many as possible from a stitching shop ( a complete must for me) and post office, to a school and town hall. i am looking forward to it but really need to do a lot more planning. i cant wait though. need to get the material and then the cottons to start although in my stash i most probablly have a lot of them..

tammie, a town of sorts... lol

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Stitchingranny said...

Oh Tammy I am so pleased someone else is doing a tablecloth (read 10 year project) to keep me company.