Monday, November 3, 2008

Planning Commission has been hard at work

I would like to thank Vonna for extending the invite to this wonderful neighborhood. I had been fence sitting and looking forward to watching the neighborhoods grow next year. I then read about the Basket of Houses and thought its about time to put my idea into place.

I've been collecting Cat's Meow Villages. My idea is to put them on 14 ct plastic canvas, connect them and make one long row that would go around my TV room. I thought what a perfect time to start this.

The Planning Commission started to do some investigation, looking into building permits and land. And plans might change. I found I had plenty of 14 ct plastic canvas and the building permits were being found, but so were some nice permits for the Dickens' Village, (I had forgotten I had those in my stash). And there is up for auction a very nice piece of 19 ct cream linen. Visions of the Dickens' Village on the cream started to invade my dreams.

So now the Planning Commission is waiting on the auction of the property while collecting the plans for both ideas.

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