Thursday, September 4, 2008

What have I gotten into?

Wow - what have I gotten into? It's a bit overwhelming right now - construction always is. I saw there were linen stitchers (YIKES!) I'm an aida girl myself.

Now to pick the plans - I'm thinking either Christmas, Victoria, or beach front - now where is the best place to find the patterns (any ideas?).

Also how big should my neighborhood be (sizes that people are working with?)

Thanks for your help - good thing the deadline is a bit away so my plans can be drawn up correctly.

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Jeanne said...

A good rough plan is allowing "blocks" of 100X100 stitches which allows you to put most houses in. The early neighborhood RR's often used 3 blocks across by 3 down but you can set it up however you want. Remember you don't have to stick within the borders of the blocks - you can insert animals, trees etc wherever you want. A good place to start is checking for patterns is - select the online catalog on the left and then you can do a keyword search to bring up tons of patterns by all designers that they distribute patterns for. Try typing in "houses" or "gardens" as a keyword for example. You can also choose a specific designer like Prairie Schooler and it will show you all the available designs. Good luck!