Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oh the fun we will have!

Hello! I'm Melissa from Vancouver, Canada. Thank you, Vonna, for organizing this wonderful RR. I am another newbie (no blog, never done exchanges, etc) so this is just a great way for me to join in.

What will my neighborhood look like? Although my favorite designer is Blackbird, I wanted to do something different. I took the cue from Vonna when she mentioned she will have those Liberty guys marching through her town. When I was browsing through Carriage House Samplers online I found The Sampler Folks. I had to smile when I saw them. There's a touch of whimsy to them and I can just see them looking out at you, welcoming you to the neighborhood! I think overall the look will be primitive, a bit folksy, a bit whimsical. It will likely be a country neighborhood rather than a town.

I am still waiting for the charts to arrive, then I will see how everything falls together. I too had trouble sleeping when I first found out about this project because ideas just swam into my mind all night! I am looking forward to the creative aspect, like painting with floss, and of course sharing the fun with the rest of you! In the meantime, happy dreaming!

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