Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Contractor!

Thank you, Vonna for approving my initial permits! I have soooo many ideas! This is going to be a great deal of fun! I am not the fastest stitcher, but I am going to love every stitch...:)

A little intro: I am 54, an on-call computer tech, contract paralegal, and author, who also is a fledgling cross-stitch designer (hence WeyrDesigns). My sons (22 & 24) tell me I never figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Since when did I grow up???? LOL My fiance, Michael and I are owned by two cats (sisters we rescued from the shelter), and have a roomate, Dan. When not working, stitching, or designing, I love to read, ride motorcycles, drive my 'Stang, and beat my sons at pool.

I am really looking forward to this project! Now to spend my weekend sorting and searching the internet.... such a lot of work, but it must be done..... vbg!

Hugs, Dee
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