Sunday, September 14, 2008

Just to say hi

hiya all i am Tammie from the uk.. and cant wait to get to work on my neighbourhood street. i have a lot of ideas and need to see if i can get the right charts and material for them.. i think i am going to do my piece on 32ct linen and on a long piece instead of a square piece.. i like the idea of doing some mixed bits... everyone is doing a them which sounds great.. but i want small country type shopping street. i like the idea of including some thatched cottages.. an old florist.. knitting and stitching shop fruit and veg ect... just got ot see if i can find the right charts.. great to be a member and cant wait to get started will post more when i have some bits to get started and worked out a border i am really excited about this and have never done an rr but always wanted to try

thankyou and good luck to everyone.


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