Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blue Print Mayhem

First, thank you to Vonna for letting me join!!! You rock!! Second, hello to everyone! I'm Trina from GA. Anyhoo, I went shopping for blue prints on-line today. It's been the first day I've had in a while to sit and breathe. So next thing I know, I'm completely submersed... so much so that I've purchased about 10 blue prints for my Halloween Town. Yikes!! I think the excitement of it all took over... lol. But, I guess I'll have pletny to mix and match for the perfect layout. The rest will probably sit in my box of other projects to complete. Question: I'm having an issue w/ the saying for my town. I like "double double, toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble." BUT, I also like "come away a haunting, among the shadows deep, making merry mischief, then home to bed we'll creep." So... does anyone have any creative input... any and all is welcome!

Trina :)


Vickie said...

Love the idea for your town...I think I like the 2nd saying better..more original.

tammie said...

I am with vickie on this one the second sounds more original and different. i love it.. i like the original one but you could always include both somewhere. lol

Annemarie said...

How about using both? I fully intend to add a lot of words and sayings to my neighbourhood. My problem is: should I stick to English or mix a bit of Dutch in as well? LOL