Friday, September 5, 2008

a Hungarian Neighborhood

Hi all, and thanks to Vonna for the invitation! I am so excited about this, and still just collecting ideas and reading/looking other neighborhoods for inspiration...

What will be in my town:
- a big house with garden and children playing (our house)
- a school/ kindergarten
- a needlework shop
- some other small houses for friends
- maybe a playground for the kids.

And about myself: I am 32 year old working mom with two kids and a DH. We recently moved into our house, and enjoying it very much!


Joanie said...

Oh Rita, a Hungarian neighborhood! (I love anything Hungarian...) I am so intrigued! Looking forward to your plans!

Rita said...

Wow! I am always delighted when someone tells me that they know Hungary!
But, as we do not really have designers, it will be based on LHN, CCN and BBD. But somehow I will put some traditional motifs in too!