Friday, September 5, 2008

After a week....broke down

First of all - THANK YOU VONNA!!! With you to keep us thinking and planning we will never get Alzheimer.(LOL)

Last week I saw Vonna's great new idea and was terribly enthusiastic. Then I thought of all the problems I would face and decided - no way. Of course it kept gnawing at me, with brilliant ideas one minute and a knowledge that I'm not the least bit artistic the next. After a week I finally broke down because I just couldn't resist any longer. I'm in!!!

My first idea was a village on 'Golden Pond'. Then I figured it might be nice to have a central pond, surrounded by a park with all the houses facing in toward the centre (think Mandala). I've considered doing all Delft blue houses, old fashioned homes or a wonderful mix of houses I would love to live in. My third idea was a set-up with the Golden Gate Bridge in the center surrounded by Victorians. The biggest problem I am facing at the moment is - no patterns. We have just moved and all my patterns are in a sea-container which is currently in the Dominican Republic. This means that I won't be able to make any definite plans until October but that still gives me plenty of time to get my drawings in to be approved by December 31.

I am so looking forward to this wonderful experience with all of you.


Vonna said...

On Golden of my Mom's FAVORITE have to have Loons somewhere in there ;O)

Annemarie said...

Hey Margaret! So good to see you here!!!
If you read this, could you e-mail me at amcdevries at gmail dot com? I sent an email to your old address, but I'm not sure if you received it.
A neighbourhood of Delft blue houses sounds appropriate, but where on earth would you find the charts???