Thursday, September 4, 2008


I am so glad I squeezed in with all 100 of you lovely neighbors! I have a faithful RR group that I've been involved with since around 2000. We have often talked about doing our own neighborhood RR and actually we still talk about it! I'm just not sure when we'll get around to actually doing it! So I thought I'd better join while I had the chance!

The very original Neighborhood RR's are my favorite! But I'm not 100% sure on how to acheive the same look. I want all the houses to sort of blend together, with hills and tall trees and big bushes and fences, etc. But lately I've seen some little people showing up around the houses and I really like that too!

When we first started talking about doing a Neighborhood RR a few years ago, I started collecting houses..but now with all the LHN type houses out there.. I might have to change my mind up! :) We'll see!

I'm not sure how to start, where to start, what style to use, etc! I like the little handdrawn sketches and might try to do that soon! I don't really have room on my walls for a huge piece...I'm thinking maybe a long line of houses, like I saw somewhere out there in blogland! :)

At least I have a while to think about it!

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