Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hello fellow architects and builders!

Thank you Vonna for letting me join in the neighborhood fun!

I am Marianne of Midnight Stitching and live in Walton Kansas. I am sooo excited to be part of MM&IRR. This idea is so wonderful and we get to share our ideas, thoughts, and progress! How cool!

I've been thinking some of the night and wee hours of this morning on my town. Being from the Jersey Shore most of my life, and with my love of autumn, came up with this idea. . . something seaside in autumn. Know I want to use Prairie Schooler but also pondering some By the Bay for the seaside look. Off to see what I need to stash in the way of BTB. I know Autumn Cove is high on the list. Lighthouse. . . need a neat lighthouse! And then further off from the shoreline some cozy houses and fall foliage. Pine trees too.


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donnatl2004 said...

Hi Maryann I am also going with the seaside theme. I just got home and pulled out everthing nautical I have dozens of charts a lot of lighthouses, By the Bay, Little House, Hannah Purington Dear Diary LHN has a cute lighthouse, Sampler Co has PLymouth Sampler and New England Sampler, the workbasket village, Chessie & me, Prairie Schooler..can you tell I'm going to enjoy this