Friday, August 29, 2008

Thanks for the invitation

I look forward to this Round Robin ... I have the perfect set of charts for it ... The Stitching Parlor's series of houses from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice ... so far I have three of the charts, with which to start my neighborhood ... does it matter that the last two in the series are yet to be published? I may take a little longer than the rest of you, as a result. If this isn't acceptable, I do have the CD-rom from the Nashville Trade Show of a few years ago in which all the designers contributed a shop front to a town square.

I also have a backlog of Silkweaver hand-dyed linen ... this happens when you join fabric of the month clubs, apparently ... so choosing a fabric should be a breeze.

What a wonderful idea, Vonna ... thanks for the opportunity.

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Vonna said...

I have so many Neighborhood's in mind that I hope this blog will continue on for a long time!

And there aren't any rules except when we start on the building of go with what you want to do Riona :)
Can't wait to see them started!