Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I need an Architect!

Hello everyone! I am an old cross stitcher but I haven't really been stitching on anything for quite some time! I am a quilter and a gardener and kinda hit a wall with cross stitching but now am ready to resume, thanks in part to this wonderful project!

But I think I need to hire an Architect! I am a little bit worried that my contractor may be a bit faulty too. She may not understand separate blueprints finding their way to one big plan :o) Oh boy, I am hoping not to have jolly giants in one house and little elves in the next!

I am excited to see a log cabin on a lake in my neighborhood along with an english cottage garden in the other area, and some fertile farmland with horses and sheep. And I love the victorian they have planned for down the street! I might have to save the village for another project.

1 comment:

Vonna said...

It sounds like a lovely town :)
And you know you just can't pick your neighbors ;)