Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Blog Owner

Hi everyone,

My name is Keli and I have taken over this wonderful blog and idea that was started by Vonna.  Over the next few days I will be deleting the spam comments that have showed up and getting things organized under my email etc.  So please be bear with me if you don't see everything right away.  I do work full time.

Even if you are not stitching on your neighborhood, please stop by and let us know how you are doing.

I, myself, had to shelf my project of the North Pole because of disappointment.  I had an unexpected move at the beginning of last year and had to wait til everything got unpacked.  So late in the year my Dept 56 patterns, fabric and graph paper went to my Parish House to use their large tables.  The Dept 56 patterns are too big and if I used them my neighborhood could be the size of a football field.

Very disappointed to say the least.  I am still doing my Northern Village but not sure how yet.



Scattered Threads said...

Hello Kelli,
That was very thoughtful of you to take on this responsibility from Vonna. I am sure she is appreciative of it.
I have not been here very long, however, I do have my RR piece in my stitching ciculation. I am looking forward to seeing the other RR's as well.

Annemarie said...

Hi Keli, Well, that's quite an undertaking - both the blog and your village!
I haven't posted anything on this blog ever, which is a disgrace, but I still intend to, some day, stitch my woodland village.

Keli said...

Thanks Jackie, please remember to post any type of info concerning your neighborhood. Its always welcomed.

Annemaire, keep us in mind concerning your woodland village. Any thoughts or ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Stitchingranny said...

Hello and welcome Keli. I am doing Village of My Heart, its a tablecloth with the village going around the edge and each of the cottages will be allocated to a friend as I go - though quite a few have names on them and they are a long way from being stitched. When I started I intended doing at least a little each month but then I decided to stitch a tiger for my brothers 60th birthday (its on my blog as its just come back from the framers, if you want to take a peep) and everything went on hold as it took me almost a year to stitch. I am slowly getting back to my old wips and this will come out soon. Pictures will be posted as soon as it does. I do hope the rejuvination of the site may spur some others on as it was such a wonderful idea that Vonna had and I would hate to see it fade and die.

Joke said...

Welcome Kelli, thanks for taking over the responsibility of this blog. I have to admit I haven't been stitching on my village quite some time. some other things have been too attractive to stitch. But I intend to stitch on it some day again!