Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cottage Update

Here as promised is the picture of the two cottages I have done so far plus landscapes.

I am afraid I cannot upload the picture of the plans. The first scan I did was barely visible so I scanned again on a higher resolution and I think that maybe the reason why it will not upload. After my holiday i will get hubby to look at it for me and he maybe able to sort it out so that I can share with you.

Hope to see lots more progress pics when I return




Susan said...

Very Nice. You've made some good progress.

Linda in MA said...

I just love your village!

Jeanne - WillowTreeStitcher said...

Way cute - it looks like a lovely place to live!


I am so glad I stumbled upon this circle of xstitchers.. so beautiful..


Margaret said...

Your's is one of my favorite villages. What a wonderful place to live.