Thursday, January 1, 2009

I fired my architect and drew up new plans

Last night, my architect and I had a major discussion on the "village". The architect's building plans were quite extensive and very detailed. It would have been a lovely little town but one that I felt was too extensive for me and the vision I held for the project. Last night, I sat to stitch but wasn't feeling the love. It felt like a chore. I put a few stitches into the ground but it was stiff and hard to manage. It's a very large parcel of fabric and it wouldn't behave itself. I realized that I hadn't even worked on the town's boundaries since I signed the agreement to build. It made me sad. I stitched on Beatrix instead and watched the New Year come in. In my heart, I knew the town would never get built. It would end up a ghost town, abandoned and unfinished.

Today, I woke up bright and early, a little down because I couldn't break ground. I decided to put some of my stash away cause I've decided only to have the projects that I am currently working on within eyesight so that I wouldn't get distracted by other things. While I was putting patterns away, I came across an idea that I had a few years ago. I got excited! This could actually work! So, I went stash diving and I came up with this...I am going to build a Ewe and I and Friends village. I have so many lovely E&E&F patterns and I love their designs so it's perfect! It will only have 7 houses built in a rectangle. There will be a central house (Ohio Sampler) and the other 6 houses will surround it. One at the top (Rose House) and bottom (Small Sampler #2) and 2 houses on each side (Left side = Rosevine & Willow & Small Sampler #5 and Right Side= Small Sampler #8 and Red House Sampler) . There will be an area to stitch little motifs, sayings, initials, urns and whatever I decide. I know it's hard to describe so when I get the border and some of the house stitched, I will show you.

I will be purchasing a new piece of ground too. Something less hard and stiff. Maybe Lakeside or Belfast. I'm thinking 36 count.

I will be watching everyone's progress. I am very happy and excited to lay the foundation for my town.

Happy New Year!

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mainely stitching said...

Glad you found something that works for you! Can't wait to see!!