Friday, January 16, 2009

I am a bit slow

I am really sorry but my construction went bust before we even started planning.. xmas was an expensive time for me and although plans for singular houses and construction had been brought and given, i forgot to purchase the foundation and plot what i am doing. lol. I am still interested in building my shopping village which will contain a numerous amount of shops and trees.. fences and perhaps even a town hall. Even though construction is on hold i will be joining my construction manager and architect in due course. Your works all look fantastic and i cannot wait to catch up but as i now that i am going to be doing this for approximately ten years as i am making a large table cloth.. when i eventually get the material. ... and will be continuing other projects in between it.. so please watch this space for picts and works and congrats on everyones working progress and happy new year.


Jeanne said...

It's not like we will finished too soon so please join us when you can! I know mine will be a long project!

Stitchingranny said...

I too am doing a tablecloth which could well be a 10 year project so I am glad that someone else will still be here to keep me company.