Thursday, January 1, 2009

Building has started

Happy New Year to all my fellow builders. May this year be filled with much joy and good health for all of you as we embark on this wonderful building journey (thank you Vonna).

I was fortunate enough to receive building plans last year from my friend Mary who didn't want/need them any longer. Since the architectural plans had already been approved by city hall I purchased the land (28 ct overdyed bluebell jobelan) and checked my store of building materials to see what was in stock and what needed to be ordered. The order was placed in November and the remainder of the materials should arrive shortly.

The beige building you see next to the church had originally been sold to a couple who were going to make it into a toy store. However, they decided to move to warmer climes and sold the building to a cross stitching diva. City Hall said that a stitching shop is actually a toy shop so no changes needed to be made in the building license.

The combination of this wonderful winterland pattern and the bluebell jobelan reminds me of winters during my childhood in Thunder Bay, Ontario - the sun shining down from a brilliant blue sky on endless snow. For me this project is going to be a journey down memory lane.

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