Sunday, January 4, 2009

1st House Complete

Okay, I started stitching on this on the 31st and didn't stop till yesterday evening when I had completed this chart. I have started in the upper left hand corner of my fabric and stitched "God Bless Our Home" by Roberta Madeleine. I found this chart in The Cross Stitcher Magazine from August 1994. Can't decide if I should fill out the trees on the right hand side since this will run into the rest of my neighorhood. Any opinions?
Now to decide what to do next. I do have a plan, but just haven't figured out the exact placement for the next building. It all looks so good on paper, but when you decide to build it another building or lot looks better:) Oh Well, I'm off to a good start and will take the rest of the week to decide where and what to build next.


Cross Stitch Queen said...

It looks lovely!! Great job!! As for the trees, maybe you should start stitching the next house and then see if you would like to fill it in with either trees or maybe a path.

I am in the MM&IRR2 if you would like to see mine.

Keep up the great work!

Stitchingranny said...

as the person above said I would see how it goes when you start the next house, though personally I would "soften the edges" if you know what I mean as at the moment it looks like the picture ends.

A lovely start.

Marianne said...

I agree with both your remarks! It is a beautiful start! Start your next house and then fill in or soften the edges of the first one.

Susan said...

Thanks ladies...I was leaning that way. It just seemed like it ended and didn't flow. I appreciate your help. Now to decide if I'm going with my original building I'd planned for the lot next door or if the architect has an itch to change it for some other plans:)

Teri said...

What a great start! My vote is to finish the trees. I bet your neighbors will appreciate the shade!

Sherry said...

Love this home. Can't wait to see more.