Monday, October 13, 2008

Thinking Ahead....

and needing advise from some of the more experienced stitchers I think.

Here is a picture which shows the top LH corner of my neighbourhood tablecloth design. Normally when i stitch a design which can be turned I would make a mark at the top of the fabric (a little cross stitch or something) so that I was sure to always have the fabric the right way round when stitching.

However my tablecloth will be a fairly big thing and I do not really fancy stitching all the cottages down each side sideways if you unerstand what I mean. Do you think on a project like this it would spoil it completely if I stitched each side as a seperate dimension?

I really would appreciate your views and opinions.

Thanks so much


Diane said...

I think that the way you have it displayed here is the way to go. It will be displayed on a table, not on a wall, no? You'll want to see the homes upright either around the perimeter of the of the table top or hanging around the edges of the table (not sure if you're stitching it in the field or around the edges) either way, this looks right to me.

Linen Stitcher said...

While I, too, mark the top of my fabric and always stitch the same direction, I could easily be persuaded to stitch according to the orientation of the houses on this project. As Diane so aptly pointed out, this will be displayed on a tabletop, not a wall. Besides, completing so much of the stitching "sideways" and "upside down" might otherwise cause this to become tedious.

Jane said...

I have made a tree-skirt with the same idea, angels around the whole edge, and I stitched them "right side up." No one has ever noticed!