Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Are people posting this to their blogs?
We have 87 that means 13 spots are left....
Wowzers, that's a lot of tempting Neighborhoods to look at, gaze upon, slobber over....

If everyone that is a current member would e-mail me (when they've figured it all out - NO HURRY!) but if everyone would just e-mail ( what their "Neighborhood" will be...then I will start posting those in the sidebar as well.

For Example:

Liberty Town

Christmas Village
Mrs. Claus

Etc and so on....
We'll sort of "group" them so that people can look at all the different Neighborhoods that are being built.

When you post anything pertaining to your Neighborhood - just tag all your entries using: your name and your town theme. So all my posts pertaining to my town would be Vonna's Liberty Town.

COOL? That way when someone sees that Joe Blow is doing a Beer Town and they want to see it's construction then they just click on the tags that say: Joe Blow's Beer Town. I think that will be much easier than wading through post after post.

Ok amigos...I'm off to stitch!


monique said...

Joe Blow is doing a Beer Town, too?! LOL Good idea to group, Vonna!

Joanie said...


You are an organizational wizard, Vonna!