Monday, September 8, 2008

suggestions wanted!!!!

Good morning fellow neighborhood builders!!!!
I am trying to decide 'how big' of piece of fabric to use.
Would some of you be so kind as to give me ideas of how big you are doing yours?
At this time, I am leaning a 4 seasons piece, with a chorus of a song as my border.
I am open to suggestions!!! I am going to the LNS this weekend & plan to get my fabric then, since all fabric is one sale for the month of Sept.


Vonna said...

Do you know what size your patterns are? If so...then you can sort of figure out stitches...
but anyway, I've got a half yard which is 28 x 36 from Sassy's Fabbys for mine.

Shari said...

nope, haven't thought too far on the patterns yet. I was going to chose my fabric size & then go from there!
Hey, Sassy's fabrics are great!!!! Love em!!!
I am torn between a basic aida or do I want to go with evenweave of some sort...choices, decisions!!

Angela said...

Mine is a 4 season and my 4 charts are roughly 75x75 each plus my border on all sides so my design is approx. 200x200, hope this helps.

Shari said...

thanks Angela! That is helpful info. I guess I need to pick my patterns BEFORE I decide on a fabric!