Sunday, September 28, 2008

A slice of Americana

Well, my last charts arrived last week, except there was a mistake with one chart. Right chart name, wrong designer. Oh well. It's just as well because I had so many designs I wanted to put together that it would have been too much to tackle for me, especially as a first effort, and I didn't want it as an UFO.

So now, the design has been scaled down and pretty much finalized. I am still leaving a little bit of room for adaptation later. I am using mostly Carriage House Samplings and I am still using the Sampler Folk as the anchor to the design. It will be a country town with definitely that primitive Americana feel that CHS has.

I'm very relieved to have this phase accomplished. I will now need to gather my fibers together and put them all away for starting New Year's Eve!

By the way, since my last post, I have set up a blog if you would like to visit, you can see the some of the designs that I will use from my Stash report. Happy Stitching

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