Friday, September 12, 2008

my thoughts for my piece

I have been thinking all week about what I would like to do. I want my neighborhood to center around the chorus to the song "Seasons Change" by Ray Boltz. So, I am thinking the center of my neighborhood will say the words seasons change. Then, the border will have the chorus all the way around. Also, another border will be elements of the 4 seasons. For example, some sort of flowers for spring, not sure about summer yet, acorns or leaves for autumn & snow flakes for winter. I have the visual of this, but at this point that is all!!! I did see a new pattern today (online) by Whispered by the Wind that is a must have for part of my autumn designs!! It is simply adorable!!!
I am leaning toward maybe using fiddler's or fiddler's light aida, because the color will be perfect for seasonal work.

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tammie said...

that sounds a great idea cant wait to see it come alive.