Monday, September 1, 2008

Help! I need constructional guideance

First, thanks to dear Vonna for organizing this. I get so excited seeing all the great stitcher's listed to the right. However, I need a little construction help. I have decided that I that I would like to have at least nine blocks/buildings in my neighborhood and a border. But what is the best recommended size for the blocks? 70x70 or 100x100? My LNS owner thought the 100x100 would be too large. Does anyone have any suggestions? Another question is it best to grid the lots or no? Thanks in advance for any imput.


Shannon said...

i am planning to do mine longways. I figured mine to be 70 x 70 stitches. My total fabric size is 57 x 17 and this leaves room for a border and finishing. I am wondering if this is too large and if I will be able to find fabric this size.

Vonna said...

Hi Ladies....I've only participated in 2 RR's. I can say though that the one is a Neighborhood and those blocks were allowed to be anywhere from 50 - 100 stitches square. There were a variety of size ranges and since we're nearly finished with them (one rotation left) I can say that mine were 100 x 100 (I think this was too big). the 50 x 50 were too small and the 75 x 75 were just about perfect. This is my honest opinion only.

Annemarie said...

Actually, I'm not stitcking to blocks of one size. One row, for instance, consists of two wide designs (130x 95) and one narrow one, the middle row consists of 3 equal sized designs (roughly 100x100) and the bottom row consists of only two designs. I'm not done counting and measuring yet, but my advice is to pick the houses you really want to stitch and then see how you can fit them in your neighbourhood.