Friday, September 5, 2008

Finally....I have construction plans!

Hi Everyone

I have been agonizing over what type of neighbourhood I was going to create. At first I thought Prairie Schooler, then Autumn theme, then I thought no Little House Needle works! Sigh, so many decisions and nothing was sparking my creativity. I went to bed thinking about my neighbourhood and I would wake up thinking of my neighbourhood. Finally, after obsessing, I mean planning, I have decided upon a 4 season neighbourhood. I came up with the idea while driving to work last night! I think my construction blueprints will best describe my idea:

In each corner will be PS Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with borders around them, then along all 4 sides will be the words "Home Sweet Home" which I borrowed from CCN Home Sweet Home chart, the 4 houses in the middle will be representing Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, I just need to order a winter chart. I now need to decide on floss type, colors and fabric. I'm really looking forward to this now and finally can stop obsessing. I'm looking forward to watching everyone's neighbourhood's grow.



Lisa said...

that's going to be gorgeous - can't wait to see it grow!

Vonna said...

Oh, that's just wonderful! And very "doable" too! How great!

Einschies blog said...

Oh this looks really good and already was a lot of work;-))

I am so curious about all our neighborhoods;-))


Melissa said...

It looks wonderful. Did you use computer software to do the charting to size, or was it done by hand? I am wondering what tools are available to help me design my neighborhood, other than pencil and paper. Thanks!

LODY said...

your plan looks wonderful... congratulations!

Sherry said...

Looks wonderful. We might have to have a second neighborhood and I might have to steal your idea!