Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Celebration of Christmas Neighborhood

I'm not sure this layout even shows up! But, it's my design area for what I hope will be my "Celebration of Christmas" RR/Neighborhood.
I've been collecting the Antique Santas, Angels, winter scenes and Santas of the Year, etc...from Prairie Schooler for years! Always planning to stitch them one day. So, I decided this is the perfect time and place to gather them together. I had never intended them for Christmas ornaments because I loved the idea of them in a series framed. Here was the germination of a long dream in this Celebration of Christmas Neighborhood.
I'm now off to figure out which fabric will best suit all of the designs. Originally, my thought was to work them on black, but I don't think black would do them all I'm going to have to kit up most of them and do a layout on different fabbies.
I won't be showing all the different chart/designs to you all. I want that part to be somewhat of a surprise as it grows and blooms! :) You, of course, will know some of them right the annual Santas and such. :)
These angels, and one I create from these on my own, will make up the four corners of my piece.
Isn't this fun!!??? Now I'm so psyched to begin!!
Hugs, Deb/Lavender Rose


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see the progress on this one!

Miokka said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this!
Great idea!

Teri said...

What a wonderful plan!

sonya said...

This sounds wonderful. i have those PS angels. I;m having a wish i'd thought of that kind of moment! this will be neat to see and i think it will have a very collected and planned look to it.

Jeanne said...

Love your idea Deb. I have the PS Angels in my UFO file - got one made into an ornament but want to do the other 2 and put all 3 on a ribbon to hang for Christmas. Can't wait to see your progress.