Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm planning!

I emailed our head contractor, Vonna, for a building permit and she graciously granted one. Thank you, Vonna! Then I asked her for a variance because I am planning on animals in my neighborhood. She told me to go for it! So now, I have my architect's hat on and I am in the planning stages.

Well, I've been tossing ideas back and forth in my head all day about my neighborhood constructon. And I am torn between building a Prairie Schooler neighborhood (which was my first idea) then I thought about Carriagehouse Samplings, Village and House of Hawke Run Hollow patterns and then Little House Needlework patterns. Now I am confused! I really like the idea of combining Carriagehouse Samplings with Prairie Schooler. I am leaning on an autumn theme, I love the colors and pumpkins and Halloween.

I think I'll have an alphabet in the border as well as a verse. I am not sure what yet but something to do with family and friends.

Thinking of all this is hard work. This weekend I am going to take all the patterns I like to Staples and make a gagilliion copies cut them all apart and work on constructing my house placement.

Thanks for all of your ideas!


Sabine R said...

I LOVE your idea with the copies - and I think I'll just have to steal this idea from you if you don't mind ;-). That way I can play about with my houses, like a jigsaw puzzle! Brilliant - thank you, Joanie!!
Happy stitching (and planning),

Shannon said...

Your idea about the copies is great! This is my first time constructing anything like this so any ideas will be great!! Off to look online for houses for my neighborhood. Happy Stitching!