Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey Builders!

Have a "motto" or "verse" that you want to incorporate into your Neighborhood?

Go to: and use the "Caption Maker" they even have the fonts there for you to select also! Print it out and you have it all ready for your neighborhood!

Trying to figure out the square footage of your Dream Neighborhood? then go to: and calculate the square footage needed to stitch up your dream homes!

Just a ease the load on all you builders!

I've got my Neighborhood all drawn out on paper!!! How's it going in your neighborhood?


staci said...

My head has been swirling! Hopefully the fog will clear out soon to reveal some grand plan, lol!!!

Margit said...

Thank you Vonna for those helpful links!

Shannon said...

Awesome links...thanks Vonna.

Stitcher S said...

I just came upon this blog today and am so excited to see others who are creating their own neighborhood. I started charting mine about a year ago and started it last fall after realizing I couldn't commit to a RR. You can look on my blog and click on the House and Garden Sampler label to see my progress.

I am going to add this great blog here to my blogroll.